Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When Is Your Most Powerful Time Of The Day?

And so it goes... Some people are morning people and some people are night people! Should the two mix??? Ah... An age old question! But it is true. Some folks get a burst of energy in the morning and get more done by 8:00 AM than a crack addict on sugar high (thank you Espresso roast coffee). However, around 9:00 PM (me), they turn into movie-watching zombies bent on falling asleep to some random Ken Burns documentary (no personal examples, please). Then there are the night-time people... I don't get it! Around 9:00 PM they are equally as worthless, but then something magical happens. As though a flower blooming, they open their eyes and a burst of energy flows through them. They are awake and start cleaning the house! They turn freaking crazy... What is it with these people? What is it with the different type of awake-statuses out there?

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