Friday, March 16, 2012

What Stories Really Matter?

Browsing a list of books in the Kindle store last night, I came across titles with little to no deeper message; surface-level and self-absorbed crap! The same goes for what I browsed in Hulu earlier this week (a site I rarely go to) - reality TV shows and silly sitcoms. And my searching struck me, deeply. Are we even searching for stories that really matter? Do we care as much as we once did? When I think of all of this, I'm reminded of my Great Grandmother and her stories, which she eloquently put on paper (Navajo Neighbors). In her books, she tells the creation stories of the Navajo Indians. She also wrote about her life on reservation near Newcomb New Mexico. My Grandmother carries the tradition and has done a lot to pass on stories to us. Struggle and strife and spirituality all come together as my Grandmother would tell it, and we would listen on folded legs on a Navajo rug in her home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was these stories that made a difference and helped shape the Four Corners region. Stories about vampires and silly reality shows do nothing for our cause! So what't the point of this post? Find the deeper stories, the ones that matter and strive to listen to the deeper message and you can find some of them here: and

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