Friday, April 20, 2012

Do "Normal" Unhealthy Habits Make Us More Interesting?

I have this love affair with Gingersnap cookies. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't crack open a box (the MiDel brand - made with Cane sugar and very few calories), pour a glass of milk and get my chomp on! I savor them as I read my latest book or relax into a movie. Durango's killer craft beer selections, mountain biking when my knees ache, dirty chai's, yerba mate', bouldering until my hands are raw, succulent steaks - these are just a few of my favorite things... And I find that I enjoy them with a frequency reserved for the part-time addict. BUT, I argue... Isn't this what makes us more human, and, well, interesting? Why live the straight life? What's so interesting about that? Someone once called it my "indulgences problem". No, not a problem, it is that thing that make us all so very lovely. The little addictions we have (that don't, in the long run, really hurt us) are the things people like to focus on and shake their finger at, us too. We say, "Oh, I need to work on that..." or "yeah, next week, I'm going to change this..." But we never do, and as long as there is some sense of moderation, I say INDULGE! Life is too short...

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