Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Life In Sales

If you've had to sell, and I mean really sell, you can relate to the struggle we sales professionals deal with. There is a constant demand to be steady in the sale, to not look eager. Then, all of sudden, we have to be the asshole pushing a prospect or partner into something we know is best for them, but not always realized by the receiving party. We stay up late. The strategy of sales is always on our mind.

And speaking of the mind, the most important part... Psychology! Sales is more a dive into human reactions, emotions and thoughts than any profession. We conduct user-studies each time a phone call is made. Our aim is to uncover your fears, and how well you want to look to your peers. A salesman's key goal is to convince you to open up your wallet; to give part of your budget in favor of a product or service. It is the purest form of intellectual exchange (at least sometimes). Software sales is a journey I continue to cherish. In this NPR radio broadcast, I found a true understanding of the nature of the sales rep.

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