Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What's Driving Your Big Idea?

Great ideas are everywhere... I continue to be amazed at the creativity and genius of my fellow man. For example, on the trail last night, while hiking to our local bouldering area, I discovered a new mountain biking trail freeride option, or what we call "a line". I love to develop optional lines where our mountain bikes can shred, but this one I hadn't really seen before. It popped out at me, and made me really contemplate how powerful ideas really are. But what drives people to execute on their idea. My friend on the trail saw something and put it together, but why? Motivated by jumping his mountain bike off a rock, I guess you would call that glory? One of the foundations of the success of any idea, I came to think last night, is the emotional motivation. It could be a sense of fear? Love of money (greed)? A feeling of importance? The more powerful the emotional factor, the faster the idea grows, or dies...

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