Monday, May 21, 2012

Is There A Standard? NO!

I read a lot of business books. And when I close the page concluding the last chapter, I think: what did I really get out of this? Typically, not much! Each one speaks to some kind of "new standard" or idea on measuring output, creating great culture or generating revenue. Rarely have I implemented these ideas. Because so many are trying to suggest a new standard, I roll my eyes and move on. If there were a standard "way of doing things" in business, then we'd all be rich beyond belief! And that's the point, there is no standard way. There is only your way! An organic approach... A development of processes and systems to reach your goals. I think about it this way:
Imagine you're climbing a mountain and you have a weak right knee (as I do right now). Would you read books on how to treat your knee? Sure. What about a map to get to the top? Yep. But while hiking, you encounter a blown out trail. Your knee swells up. And your lunch tastes like crap. So adjustments come into play. You pivot, make changes within your environment. Maybe you make it to the top, maybe you don't, but you learn. 
And this is my point... The only real value is how well you adjust and learn from mistakes and profits. If your organization is relying on some "standard," well, you're screwed (maybe)! And this is why I'd only recommend reading a blog like Seth Godin's. He speaks to truths that are found all over this world. I'd read the Art of War by Sun Tzu and finally, a great read called Behind the Cloud, by Marc Benioff, the creator of Marc speaks to HIS experience, and not a standard. He speaks to his way, and not "THE WAY". Because in truth, there is only your way!

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