Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Push, Pull, Push, Pull - The Art Of Product Marketing

Perhaps there is a more artful way to product marketing. Likely you've sat through seminars and sessions on how to message and what companies did what/when and their success/failures. But your company is different right. True, it is! So keep educating your mind and honing your understanding of case studies about how Salesforce.com and Facebook did it. But at the root of it is the art form. People are born marketers and sellers. And with any intrinsic skill (what you're born with), you manage a lot of your success through your gut! And isn't this all about the push and pull? Customers want something, so they push. However, a good marketer or seller pulls them (while they push - yin/yang style) through a solution that could do the same thing. In other words, it isn't "can your software do this exactly how I want it" no, no, no... The artist in you says, "Yes, but follow me on this path during our demo and I'll show you we do it precisely as we built it for our other 250,000 users..." My point: customers push, you pull them through what you have already. Be honest with your abilities and paint a truer picture of usability.

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