Thursday, June 28, 2012

Should The SaaS-Based Sale Be Emotional?

Undeniably, absolutely, unequivocally YES! Oh, I'm crying because that answer is so good! Recently, I've been reading a lot of articles about SaaS-based reporting, metrics, and the industry on the whole, but no one really writes about how to sell SaaS. Well, perhaps they do, but nothing that I can remember. I'm writing my own then...

To start, let's first realize what software really is... All you need to remember is software is a replacement or an addition to a process. It allows you to create wonderfully-looking photographs (be sure to check out my buddy's amazing eye at MorningGlassImages), manage your sales cycle or balance your finances. Software takes how you once did something and (hopefully) improves on it. We move from our comfort zone, to a new way. And whenever we do this as humans, it requires a change. And although change is constant, we have BIG problems with it. And this is where my advice comes into play... Here is how you sell SaaS.

  1. Talk about the success of someone else... Always come from the hypothetical. What I mean is speak to how a guy in Fort Wayne, IA was able to experience supreme software enlightenment with your application. The truth in your case study, will be apparent, so don't worry too much about documentation. Just tell the story. But never say "YOU", at this stage. It is all about painting a picture of daily functionality. 
  2. Next, re-contextualize your story and put them in the drivers seat. You'll want to use some emotional imbalance here, and this is where the true selling begins. Beyond the experience of another person, you need to place them at the heart of using your software. Your big win is proving to them they will look good! 
  3. Finally, after you've convinced them of their amazingness, be sure to have them ready for their boss. Rehearsals work great here... Get them to repeat back the stories you told them. Have them tell you what they will ultimately say to their boss. Again, tough. 
So, in short: what someone else experienced + how they could experience the same + if only their boss would let them experience it... 

That's how you sell SaaS software - EMOTIONAL CONTEXT! 

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Another enjoyable post to read.......thanks for sharing.