Friday, August 31, 2012

As I Sit At My Kitchen Table... Gratitude!

If you're a morning person then you understand the value of the sun rising, birds chirping, and the humor of watching neighbors fumbling their way out to the recycling bin. You also understand the value of reflection and deeper thinking that only the morning can bring... The morning is when we are most open to influence. Through the nights rest we go through a refresh, and after our morning coffee, the reboot goes into full affect. We are quiet, open, we listen better... So as I sit at my kitchen table, I'm reminded about one thing today... Gratitude.

Are we all gracious towards our life? Do we stop and think about the people quietly lifting our spirits? Do we thank them? Are we so caught up in our daily lives and issues that we don't stop and smell the roses? Can we find contentment in how things are, and not how they should be? I know I'm terrible at this... But maybe today, just today, I'll work on gratitude...

And now, I leave you with the Beastie Boys Gratitude music video for inspiration!

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