Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creating A Sense Of Awe

Think of one powerful memory... OK, got it?

For me, it was being in Moab, UT for the first time. I was struck by the unique character of the land. Its powerful sandstone fins and towers that seemed to rise out of the ground like mud castles formed by giants. And then knowing that each of these majestic dark red and sandy features were once part of a prehistoric ocean that stretched for hundreds of miles. Couple that vision with the majestic La Sal mountains and you have one of the most unique environments on the planet. I was struck with the beauty!

One of the most powerful marketing exploits is creating a sense of awe... No matter the product, service or offering, work to create a sense of flight, of purpose, of vision, of future... Create awe that matters.

In the Ted Talk below, Rob Legato, special effects director, tells of his experience creating awe...

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