Thursday, September 06, 2012

Being Wrong, And Admitting It

The Presidential elections of 2012 don't carry with it Hope or Change, or any other slogan (I certainly can't remember any from Governor Romney, or at least one that has any ring to it). Nope, this election cycle doesn't have an enduring mantra coming from the candidates, but it does have one from news organizations. 

The fact checkers! This is the election of Pinocchios and Pants On Fire. This election the Washington Post reviews every word said and looks for accuracy, and to me, this is a good thing! Finally journalism is after truth, with less opinion! However, the challenge is, other than Herman Cain admitting he was wrong on the Daily Show (and good for Herman Cain to do so), you don't really hear any politician admitting being incorrect. 

But in real life should there also be a fact checker? We all live with mistakes, misquotes, mis-opinions and mis-steps. No one judges us to tell us we are incorrect on what we said, storied or sold... But it seems like there should be. Perhaps that's what we call Mom, the ultimately fact-checker! Perhaps our good friends; the ones that challenge us to think critically are our fact checkers too. My point is look for the fact checkers in your life, and embrace them, and then admit your wrong (even privately). 

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