Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

Each year we remember the largest and most devastating terrorist attack on American soil! We remember the twin towers in New York falling to the ground in a toxic cloud of dust. We remember office workers jumping from its heights to escape the flames, choosing to take their own life instead of suffer from asphyxiation. We remember the airliners crashing into the towers and the shock of such a horrific attack on citizens: old and young, Christian and Muslim, Jew and Atheist, white, black, brown, yellow... A terrible attack on our democracy, economy and sense of community. 

I had just moved to Durango, CO and so my first day in this mountain town was spent thinking about two things:

  • The awful suffering of those people in the towers, 
  • And if my sister was still alive... 
My sister was a flight attendant for American Airlines, and at the time, she was scheduled to fly in or around Pennsylvania. Naturally, with the news coming about the Pennsylvania crash, coupled with the fact that we hadn't heard from my sister in 12 hours, we started to freak out! And then she called... 

With the memories and the legacy fresh on our minds, let's all try to remember the loss of those innocent lives, and the tragic reaction of those terrorists (young men) who felt the need to do something so terrible - all are victims of hate! 

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