Thursday, September 27, 2012

Struck By The Power Of Our Power

I'll say it, fine! I'll say it right here... I'm listening to the Tony Robbins book on tapes. Not his famous Hour Of Power, but his Ultimate Edge series. I've never much been a fan of self-help books, but after seeing Robbins speak at Dreamforce the conference, I become a fan. His message was pretty powerful:

  • Change your strategy - perhaps what you are doing is wrong, or misguided, or isn't helping you! 
  • Change your story - what is the story of yourself. The greatest people said, I'm going there, and they went there... 
  • Change your state (the most important) - if you want happiness, act happy, MOVE! 
On my mountain bike ride last night, I purposefully went a little longer than I had planned to keep the message going. He had some good points... Now, on to the real core of this post: why the hell would a successful dude like me listen to these - HA! 

Simple: doesn't every 35-year-old-divorced-and-now-single-technology-minded-mountain-bike-junkie-male have to look inwardly? Isn't that some kind of rule? As for why, well let me answer that with a story. When I was about 6/7/8-years-old I saw the mountains for the first time in Colorado. It was at that point I created a story for myself - I would do whatever it took to be living comfortably in the mountains. At the age of 22, I completed this goal. And I'm still accomplishing it, everyday. And I'm very grateful for all of the wonderful memories and adventures. But after my divorce 2 years ago, my story didn't seem to excite me as much!?!?! And I'm still wondering if I have a new story... And after last week, when I saw Robbins, I started thinking deeper about what I'm doing (my strategy). Hmm... So I figured why not go a little deeper. Enter the tapes. 

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