Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Shredding Really Means!

You've heard it from your twelve-year-old cousin bursting at the seams with fun-ness after a skate-park session, or friend from Colorado after hitting the ski slopes! Shredding is a term used to describe how one has pushed limits, while having fun. To shred is the intersection of Joy and Difficulty... And there are many types of shredders...

  • The CEO shredder: who works his ass off to make sure the company stays its course.
  • The single mom shredder: who works like hell to keep herself, her children and her life on this side of sanity! My Mom growing up! 
  • The poor shredder: who struggle each day to try to create a better life! 
  • The suffering shredder: who still find creative ways to eat and smile at life from time-to-time. 
  • The teenage shredder: who deals with peer pressure and still finds their own path to follow! 
  • The bullied kid shredder: who deals with bullies and still dresses up like a super hero to feel badass! 
  • The entrepreneurial shredder: who has to fight each day to realize their dream! 
  • The VP of Sales shredder: who wakes up at 5:30 each day to write this blog, and then to sell great software! 
We all shred in our own way, but the point is there is a spirit to your shred. An unyielding purpose and vision to your shred. So keep shredding!  

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