Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Un-Master-Debaters

Did you watch the debates last night? BORING! I'm trying to figure out the differences between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Other than Mitt's ultra-promises, which I'm not going to fall for again, they both sounded the same...

  • Mitt likes his health plan now, so does Obama
  • Mitt likes Dodd-Frank, so does Obama
  • Mitt likes Big Bird, I think Obama does (but maybe he doesn't because Mitt is fond of the bird)
  • Mitt likes free enterprise and freedom, so does Obama
  • Mitt likes the constitution, so does Obama
If you remove the flowery, I'm not going to ask-you-to-sacrifice-at-all-people talk of Mitt, I ask, what is the difference between the two? 

Now, as far as the winner goes: Mitt crushed Obama... As a supporter of Obama, if he were on my sales team, I'd pull him into the back room and say, "That ever happens again, you're out of here. I don't hire 'uh's' and 'um's'." Seriously, what was that? Did he ever litigate a court case in his life? Having grown up around lawyers, I would've got the smack-down for a performance like that. Obama, don't bring your C game, unless you're baiting him for the 2nd debate? 

Again, where are the differences in substance? I see none... 

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