Monday, October 29, 2012

What We Give Back To Our Heroes

Patton's dog mourning his master's death
You have a hero don't you? I hope so... We all should. According to the Heroic Imagination Project, a Heroes are people who transform compassion (a personal virtue) into heroic action (a civic virtue). In doing so, they put their best selves forward in service to humanity. A hero is as an individual or a network of people that take action on behalf of others in need, or in defense of integrity or a moral cause. Think about your hero for a moment, and when you do realize you just gave back. I thought about my heroes over the weekend and realized that far more than what they give me, is what I give back to them. The very nature of remembering, and hearing their message is an act almost as great as theirs. Living with their positive lessons in mind, each day, makes heroes what they are: ever-lasting.

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