Thursday, November 29, 2012

Five Great Gloriousness's About Mountain Biking At Night

For those of you dealing with the seasonal depression caused by daylight standard time, may I suggest one cure: night mountain biking... Unfortunately, for the last few weeks, after work, I've been hitting up the night riding around Durango. You don't see a ton of us out there on the trails because it gets pretty damn cold! So with this seasonal shred, I figured a top five *new* things I've learned list was in order... Here goes:

  1. When you leave the house, you should be a little cold... In other words, don't over dress. You'll likely get warmer than you think on the trail, but if you're riding superD style, go ahead and bring and extra layer for the downhill!
  2. Ride HARD and FAST! You aren't out there for the views, so hit it brah! I try to go as hard as I possibly can... 
  3. That noise behind you is a ghost, so just accept it. You can put headphones on to negate the assumed noise of the crouching cougar, or just accept that you're going to hear noises at night, and they are going to freak you out a little. 
  4. A night light under 1000 Lumens is suspect. I've had 300 - 750 lumen lights, and I'm convinced 1000 is the standard! See my set up below... 
  5. Ride with a three-pocket jersey, and put your battery in there... I use my three-pocket jersey to hold my battery and have a long sleeve mid-weight layer over that. With my small hydration pack on, I can't feel the battery move at all.
Serfas 1000 - cheap and sweet!

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