Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is Fear The Same As Being Afraid?

As an avid mountain biker, there have been a few times when I've ridden up to a stunt, look at the distance and drop from the launch to the land... And... Well... Backed off! Doing the ride around, looking back, I felt ashamed. I could've done that... And I probably should've done that! But what stopped me was being afraid, not fear.

Fear is a healthy companion. She (in my case) reminds me that I'm human, I am mortal. She cautions me to look over the edge first, not just jump off it. She lets go when her icy grip is too tight, and allows me to drop it! However, being afraid is fear at her worst!

Being afraid is the combination of fear and a made up potential result. It is my mind playing tricks on me, and fear being the trickster. I am turning one potential outcome into a complete and utter disaster. Fear is healthy, being a afraid is not...

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