Monday, November 12, 2012

You Can't Over-Market A Flawed Product - Lessons For The Republicans

No, it really is a problem with your product! Having talked with a lot of CEO's, who fret about their growth of sales, I hear one thing over and over again: it isn't about our product, but the message. Listen, if your buying public sees, hears and greets the candidate (in other words, the product is visible to the naked eye - demoable) without the guise of marketing fluff, and he/she still doesn't close the deal, it IS about your product.

And considering this election, who could say ANY voter wasn't aware of the candidates. An unprecedented amount of money was spent on this election. Billions were poured into advertising campaigns, direct marketing, social marketing, bill boards, pins, shirts, movies, etc. To say it is all about your message is wrong... It is your product, which means:
The candidates chosen to lead the republican where either weak, witches or whackos! (to borrow a line from NPR's Ken Rudin, who wrote an incredible article describing what went wrong)
My point is this... As a one-time Republican, but full-time Independent (who leans left), the conservative movement needs a new offering. They need an offering NOT full of more marketing fluff, but one of compromise and measured-principles. You can't say Paul Ryan, who voted for TARP and ANY RIDICULOUS MEASURE by the Bush Administration (including the war), is a conservative - he isn't! I'd like to vote for a Republican party full of compassion, with a passion for a modern-day military (considering Romney had FOUR deferments, I give him no credibility here). Ultimately, the Republican party needs to realize this is a changing world, with a US population that has a lot of growing up to do. To me, this party needs a wake up call to realize the world isn't just about White Males any longer...

Another great article about the party's demise by the Washington Post

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