Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gamifying Your Life, As Well As Your Software

Ever heard of gamification? Chances are you've already been exposed to it... The idea is that any process can be turned into a gaming situation/process. So that little "tutorial" that you followed when you set up your Twitter account or other social profile, if it had a "great, you're doing awesome" then you've been gamified!

And why would any business person want to do this? Well, the evidence is pretty remarkable According to Gartner Research, by 2015 50% of businesses that manage process innovation will use game-thinking (gamification). Salesforce.com Chief Scientist, JP Rangaswami, backs this up:
Knowledge work is inherently "lumpy," as Rangaswami described it. In other words, rather than being steady and consistent as it was on assembly lines, modern work has peaks and valleys of intensity and workers are more easily able to shift gears between tasks. All to often, the gaps are filled with what Rangaswami called "this 20th century mechanism called meetings." Instead, they could be filled in part by conventions borrowed from games.
So it goes with software (and human processes) so it goes with life, right? Could you really gamify your life? What if this was a new philosophy? Think about it!? If your work-life is soon to be gamified (which you spend an awful lot of time in) then why not your relationships with yourself and others? You win and lose in life, just like a game. You win points, you lose points with your significant other, just like a game. You wear masks to make people like you, or to cover up pain, just like in a game. Could gamification be the next philosophical revolution?  

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