Monday, December 17, 2012

There Is A View

  • That life is made of lemons, so you should make lemonade
  • That a toilet seat left up is a sign of disrespect
  • That a glass half empty is not optimistic 
  • That what you say and do will carry on into the next life
  • That an assault-weapons ban will not decrease the rash of massacres in this country
  • That Rome wasn't built in a day...
  • That, in life, you either sink or swim... 
  • That chocolate cookies are better than oatmeal cookies
  • That it is always better to ski the back country, even if it is kind of boring
If you didn't happen to catch the one about the ban then try re-reading, because that's the view that doesn't really matter. 

After the massacres in Connecticut this week, and having listened to the pundits, I'm shocked that the only view that gets into and out of the conversation is the one on assault weapons ban (either people will push back because it is their view, or they won't - there is no science or benefit to society, it is just a view). 

Folks, this is just a view, a perception on what the founding fathers meant by the second amendment. It should be taken as such, and disregarded just like the one on chocolate and oatmeal cookies. The ban may not stop massacres, but I'd argue that it will stop the amount of carnage (less bullets, and more chance for the shooter to be taken down). 

My point is, your view is likely going to result in people dying! Consider your views and write your congressmen and congresswomen! 

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