Thursday, January 17, 2013

Does Our Energy Drive Our Personalities More Than We Think?

Let's start with a scenario: Imagine you're at the grocery store. You're mindlessly walking through the isles grabbing your treats and eggs. At the check out stand, you look behind you and see the most attractive person ever! I mean one of those lookers that just captivates you. Tall, fit, sexy and all that. And they kind of know it... What happens next? Your heart races. Perhaps you even sweat a little. You fascinate about some sexual encounter. Later that day, you're engaged by your partner and you ravage them! A wild animal has taken control of your body. You sexually dominate your partner leaving them helpless...

All because of the hotness you saw at the grocery store? Well that leads me to a thought I've had over the past few days.

Ever heard of cathexis? This is the act of investing energy in a person or thing, which can cause drive action, and personality. It can make one think of food so much so that they eat their own arm. OK, not really, but that's what Freud would tell you if the id controlled your actions directly. Anti-cathexis is the ego butting in the way to manage the uncontrollable drives that want to compel you to jump the bones of the hot-factor in isle nine!

So if we think these two things are true, then it must be energy that pushes us to demand we jump off the cliff, or jump bones. Could it be that low-levels of energy also cause us to get snippy with our partner? What about our co-workers? To me, I think I'm convinced that energy is close to a single-source factor for how our personalities develop. We are high-energy, so we are anxious people. We are low-energy people, so we are calm and cool. Thoughts?

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