Thursday, February 07, 2013

Is Food From A Box Like "Platform As A Service" Software?

The problem with a lot of diets these days is how much they restrict Enterprise software folks. Let's face it, with out the starch base, what are we working with here, mangos? No way! So last night I grab some Zatarain's from the shelf (off diet). At $1.00 per box, it is a meal in itself, I know! But as I'm prepping the chicken and vegetables to add to this delicious dinner in a box, I'm struck by how great a platform it is. Hmm... With the Zatarain's in hand, I'm pretty much able to do whatever I want. Innovation is all mine... So I get creative. On goes the spinach, the peas, the carrots, a little more spice and some chicken (well, I'm not that creative in the kitchen, but you get the idea). What Zatarain's has provided is the quintessential essence of cooking success - the platform!

And it struck that how powerful the connection is to Platform as a Service software (PaaS). The idea behind this new generation of software, especially on the Enterprise side, isn't that the vendor does all the work to create amazing applications and services. It is way more collaborative than that... explains it well here...
PaaS provides all the infrastructure needed to develop and run applications over the Internet. Users can access custom apps built in the cloud, just like their SaaS apps, while IT departments and ISVs can focus on innovation instead of complex infrastructure. By leveraging PaaS, organizations can redirect a significant portion of their budgets from “keeping the lights on” to creating applications that provide real business value.
This drawing, probably above all else, created
by yours truly, really captures the power of the
platform better than anyone ever has, right? :) 
The idea is that the vendor, in this case Zatarain's, is providing the infrastructure (the carrying case - box - the spices, the rice, etc.). My job is to add the JAZZ!!! And why wouldn't I want to? Well, in same cases, the idea of adding to a Zatarain's box is hard. Some folks would rather it be done for them, and perhaps they aren't the best candidate for PaaS, and that's fine. It takes a special breed to cook off the platform. But the idea is the limits are only within your head, or fridge.

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