Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oh My Goodness! Who Sequestered In Here?

Why congress and the white house didn't think of something more creative, or at least less gassy, is beyond me? When you say "sequestration" the sss sound is almost unbearable to my fragile tongue. And, ugh, I just don't like the picture I get - disgusted.
"Hey doc, can you give me the bad news straight?"
"Yes, son, I'm sorry, but you have sequestration..."
But maybe this is the way to look at it - they really aren't that creative! The cuts are painful, and the diagnosis on recovery is doubtful. The ideology is thick. What's worse, the attitudes and egos can't seem to get beyond themselves. Mitch McConnell isn't talking with Joe Biden, and Obama isn't talking with John Boehner. They are too busy talking about how amazing they are to the press. And this gets me to the point of my blog post here. Congress, our government, has an impossible task. There is no way to really solve the problem of budget, because the blowhards run this place. And this is it, they cannot create...

If you haven't listened to the TedTalks radio hour on NPR, you're missing out. I wanted to post this recording as it really struck me. Billy Collins, former poet Laureate, speaks about the creative process. What you can picture is a man with open arms. He allows feelings and thought to flow through him. If he gets stuck in the creative process, he moves on to something else. His mind allows words, actions, ideas, images to reach his heart. Do you think this happens in Washington DC?

So how can we win this sequestration issue? I believe we need to change the dynamic of creativity in Washington. No, we can't just throw the bums out! But perhaps we can ask them to get beyond their simple, self-creative, seismic view of themselves and open their hearts and minds to the creative process.

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