Sunday, February 03, 2013

Peppered Bacon Is Really The Only Bacon Worth Buying!

Yes, you can go wrong with a bacon purchase. You could buy the heavily nitrated stuff that will blow your colon. But you can go right with a bacon purchase, especially if it involves the peppered kind. And this goes for just about everything in life (and software). 

Features matter, it is what sells a solution. In the bacon example, the pepper is the feature. We love bacon, but the pepper makes it all the better. It pops in your mouth, and the savory bacon juices are accentuated.  The same goes with features in your software. You advertise these features to gain attention, you push the "neat factor". No one, not even Apple, talks about the "solution", they market and advertise the cool features. And this is something we, as software execs, need to remember. People buy the little things, not the global-innovative-collaboration-corp-communication-strategy technology. Think: peppered bacon! 

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