Saturday, February 09, 2013

Why Over-Easy Eggs Have A Curious Connection To Negotiating

Short-order cooks, those in small town or truck stop diners, have an amazing aptitude for enabling the best in eggs. The typically burly guys don't overdue the heat and cause the yolk to stiffen. They carefully heat the grill to just the right temp and quickly make the eggs pop at just the right time. And the result is a delicious runny egg breakfast to go with your toast! Curious how negotiations are like making over-easy eggs. There are critical moments to consider. When do you heat up the conversation? Should you flip them now, or wait? Do you add a little water for some warm steam to heat the tops? And, finally, what happens when they become hardened and unmanageable. One has to be very careful with a negotiation. And it is the fine art of timing that determines the best outcomes. Everything in life is a metaphor, so ask your question, are you hard on your eggs or easy?

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