Equality Grows, And So Does America's Questions

What sort of conversations are you having about the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and federal support of gay marriage? Do you think gay marriage should be legal? Is marriage a constitutional right? Is it a state's rights issue? If you think you have questions, listen to the NPR story where the Supreme Court Justices go back and forth about DOMA and the rights of the married, gay and straight.

But the big question I have is based on a hypothetical. Let's first assume religion (those against gay marriage) does not exist. If that were the case, would there be a fight to stop gay marriage? Would benefits change for straight couples? No! Would there be a shortage of printers able to sustain the new gay requests for marriage licenses thereby limiting marriages by straight couples? Ridiculous! Would a gay couple intrude on my personal freedoms? Don't see how they would!

If religion is the only deciding factor here then should we be arguing this at all under Article 1 of the Constitution? That's the big thing for me, if religion didn't block the cause here, who would really care?

If I'm missing something here, please post a comment...