Friday, March 08, 2013

Is Beef Jerky The "Newest" Outdoor Power Food?

I'm sorry, but the image to the right looks really appealing! And just think if you were on a high-country mountain bike ride, and in need of some serious calories? You know the type... You've been pedaling for hours, and it isn't that cool out - even a little humid. And there was that section where you had to hike your bike through the mud - argh! Dirty, a little bloody, sweat drips and sticks to your shirt. Hunger sets in - and beef jerky is there! Well, I've been there and done that! Beyond the traditional hard and not-so-tasty bar, I prefer real food. I don't go much for any enhancements drinks either - I'll take watered-down Welch's grape juice. It is dried fruit, nuts and beef jerky for me. That said, not all beef jerky is created equal. Here you need to be mindful of the load of sodium you're about to get. It is a processed meat, yes, but the simplicity of its processing is not really to be bothered by. The brand I'm going for is Lone Star Beef Jerky. And here's why: 
  • Family-owned and operated farmers
  • No nasty preservatives
  • It tastes great - and I love the creativity with their recipes
  • They actually post why beef jerky is good for you
  • I've eaten a ton of it, and I have shriveled up 
A few of their products I would highly recommend: 

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