Friday, March 22, 2013

My Favorite XC MTB Tire - Maxxis Advantage

From the Nevagal to the Der Kaiser MTB tire, I've tried just about them all. In fact, my yard contains an entire collection of old tubes and tires - if anyone wants them, I'm all ears. But the best MTB tire I've tested lately - the Maxxis Advantage.
According to their website, Alison Dunlap designed the ADvantage as a high volume aggressive cross country tire that corners great on big side-knobs. It also climbs and brakes with authority thanks to the opposing parallelogram center tread design. Ramped center knobs keep rolling resistance minimal and the wide lug spacing sheds mud easily.

What I like about the tire is its multi-purpose tread. The Advantage handles mud and loose desert terrain with ease. It is the lateral and large side knobs that create stabilization on any corner. When it comes to climbing, I also believe the lateral knobs create a wider footprint that grip the dirt and maintain traction throughout the pedal stroke. Is this tire a DH wonder? No, I'd opt for the Nevegal or Der Kaiser there, but I think for a flow trail or park tire, you'd be in good shape.

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