Sunday, March 03, 2013

The Power Of Negative Thinking - Coach Bobby Knight Lays It All Down

Ever have a concern for the future? Do you prepare for all types of outcomes - that sway in your favor? Do you have a more realistic or rose-colored view of yourself? One of the most celebrated NCAA basketball coaches of all times, Bobby Knight, is out with a new book that looks at these questions amongst others. Called The Power Of Negative Thinking Knight asks that you not think so lofty of yourself, but to prepare for the worst possible outcomes. In other words, as his first chapter states, keep Pollyanna ON THE BENCH!

Like him or love him (the man was notorious asshole), but I think the message in this NPR interview was interesting enough to post here: I wouldn't consider Coach Knight some kind of king of the self-improvement world, but his message is to prepare for the shit storm that could come your way, and not just think, "it will all work out"...

What's your take?

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