Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Why Are Truck Companies Abandoning The Small Truck?

Goodbye Ford Ranger! One of the longest lasting small trucks in the US is no more. Gone too is the S10. If you look around, the only models out there are the Toyota Tacoma, Honda Ridgeline, Suzuki Equator, GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado. However, if you look closely, you'll see that these are more like medium-sized trucks. I mean, remember when the Tacoma was truly a small truck? The question is why? Why are these trucks becoming extinct?

I recently dumped my 2005 Toyota Tacoma for a new Ford f150 FX4, and couldn't be happier. I enjoyed every second of the Tacoma, but wanted something larger to carry my Northstar camper. In addition, when you break it down, the total cost of ownership is very close! My Tacoma got between 15 and 21 miles per gallon. Guess what the Ford gets? 16 - 20!?!? Yeah, larger truck, so you'd think no way... But with so many transmission and engine enhancements to avail yourself of, gas mileage is no longer a problem. The Ford has the v6 EcoBoost engine which is truly a pleasure to experience. The Torque and Horsepower are apparent in the low and high end of the transmission. So I'm getting more power, with the same gas mileage... Is this why? Are large trucks getting more efficient (I hear the 2014 FordF150 has even more enhancements), so smaller trucks don't even have a place?

What's your take on the disappearing small truck?

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