Saturday, March 02, 2013

Why Infographics Work For Humans Like ME

"The image starts it all out, if it catches their eye. They scan the big words. If the big words have enough creativity or spark a clever idea, people look at the little words. If you make a strong point, they'll call you and buy something, or ask for the story..." My colleague at is a genius at creating infographics! If you haven't seen his latest creations, be sure to go to our Facebook page. The whole idea of inforgraphics  can't really be traced to anyone person, but I'd argue that illustrator Dave Macauly, The Way Things Work, or some random sales guy creating process maps, started the whole idea. And what a great idea!

With shortening attention spans, perhaps the only way to truly communicate an idea is by visualizing it. As a marketer, I'm used to the whiteboard and getting ideas across with a really crappy drawing. I'm tapping into the idea that people don't really "read". They group images of letters together to make a paragraph, to make sense. Thus, without a traditional infographic, you're still infographicing!

The Way Things Work illustration
A few tips on infographics:

  1. Please don't over do it! 
  2. Keep your message singular... 
  3. If you have multiple points to make, create another infographic!!!
  4. DO use words! 
  5. Keep it in context with your marketing - think: landing pages. 
  6. Make sure the sales guy gets it. At the end of the day, marketers are famous for thinking their theoretical idea works, whereas the sales guy really know what language hits home! 
Have fun out there with your ideas! And if you have any to share, email them to me at 

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