Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Power Of A Personal Journal

Writing is powerful! No other human exercise is greater than the imagery of words on paper (or screen). Like a painter, we unfold our minds onto a canvas of thought. For business, pleasure or personal introspection, we all write and explore communication. But I've found the personal journal to be of utmost importance. 
  1. We say to ourselves words never before said, but needed expressing.
  2. Idea, ideas and more ideas... We dive deep into our most precious commodity - our creative spirit! 
  3. The emotional release is greater here than anywhere else - and it is private, go ahead, release. 
  4. We explore our past with abundant insight and challenge the assumptions we made, and then we enjoy planning for the future!
  5. We witness our mistakes, and the pain we've carried with us and we move on in words. 
If you're able to spend a few minutes a day capturing your emotion, ideas, thoughts, concerns or challenges, you will find greater peace. I have. 

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