Friday, April 26, 2013

The Power Of A Second Best Friend

Standing in line for coffee this morning, I overheard the coolest conversation about second-best friends. I couldn't help but listen in as these two elementary-aged boys talked about friend status. I had to pull deep for this chat. The line for my morning drink was noisy, so instead of going for my usual dark blend, I went for the morning blend, which was closer to the two youngsters. The gist of the conversation, as they ate donuts, went something like this:

  • Kid 1 - yeah, so my best friend, he's like the best. Does everything I do. 
  • Kid 2 - I thought he was your second best friend last week (I was amazed at the fluidity of friendship status here).
  • Kid 1 - he was... But now he's my best friend. We played basketball yesterday, and I beat him (amazing). 
  • Kid 2 - oh... (back to donut)
So the value of a fluid-second-best-friend is perhaps whipping boy status, which I could see... 


Jim Mackay said...

If I can be your second best friend, I'll let you beat me on your mountain bike :-)

Walker Thompson said...