Thursday, April 04, 2013

What A Freeride Trail In Durango Would Mean To Me

To start, let's face, I'm a cross country rider! I mostly care about big mountain or vast desert views. My legs crave a hard XC burn. Lunch rides through our local bouldering area, I'll take those too! And connected to all that is the one thing I lust after: going downhill shredding through a forest. It all starts from that desire - burn then turn!

I'd say that's all we really want to as Freeriders (those looking to ride on flow trail or over/on-top-of stunts). A downhill specific shred, without all the XC - if we have to do a little we are OK with that, but the big bikes don't like it. We have a vision of trails built for us, for our kind. We're not looking for super-ultra gnarly, but flowing and precise transitions. We want a trail we can practice on, to show our friends our shreddness. We want a real LEGAL Freeride trail... And the fact is, we may get it!

Our goals are pretty simple:

  • Make the trail mountain biker specific - no, we really don't want to ask hikers to get out of the way. 
  • We want it directional - one way, no questions, DOWN! 
  • We want wood features - it just adds character! 
  • We want berms and jumps too - more GoPro action brah! 
  • We want people to accept us - oh, that's right, the people asking for this trail are 30-plus!!! And pillars of our community, huh?!?!
The Scratch Trail is a new potential Freeride trail that Trails2000 is helping to develop. We are close here! So if you love your local Freerider (you can love me if you don't know one) please sign up for SocialTransactions to support trail growth -

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