Thursday, May 02, 2013

Is There A New Economy Within PaaS Technology?

There was SaaS - Software as a Service. Now there is PaaS - Platform as a Service. The difference between the two is so very vast. What I've found most striking is how we've traded one kind of infrastructure maintenance for another... But first, think about the people you've hired. Could they be labeled PaaS or SaaS-types? Think about it another way: PaaS has, at its very core, the ability to create. SaaS has, well, all core. Creativity is in the solution design, not with the user's willingness to create. SaaS does what it is supposed to.

Think about it this way. If you're using SaaS software, your entire objective is implementation and usability. To maximize the solution, you're basically turning it on, and paying a subscription fee! As long as you follow the instructions, or training, you're going to get the software you wanted. With the PaaS model, the new infrastructure you'll want to soon start to consider is people. The new need will be using talents to A: think/determine new features and apps within the PaaS solution, and B: create and manage features and apps. The new workforce, won't be about sustainability, as it is with SaaS, but creativity.

So could it be that we need to start thinking more about the creative economy? Perhaps ideas and the ability to see these thoughts turn into actual apps is what we need to teach in our schools, and in our businesses. Our mentorship model shouldn't be: follow the rules, but break them and gain, and do it again! The idea business should explode with the emergence of more and more PaaS solutions - it is economic and creative freedom.

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