Monday, May 06, 2013

WhenToManage Has A Lot To Tell You At The National Restaurant Show!!!

The National Restaurant Show, or the place where the entire industry meets, is quickly approaching. This is the time when Chicago turns into a foodie paradise, and tech to chefs meet up about ideas, food, inventory solutions, innovation and more food! As for WhenToManage, we've got some really exciting news to share!

For starters, if you haven't heard about our new log app, learn more and sign up here - This is our first FREE product - think restaurant-oriented task list and control center. LOG is designed to replace restaurant managers’ daily notebooks of clipboards.  Not only will it allow you to store notes and checklists in one place, it will also automate management of all of your tasks by sending notifications to you, or someone on your team who has not completed an assignment.  It can be used in one location or hundreds and is searchable across them all.  Your notes and checklists are stored in the cloud, enabling managers to search their secure archive at any time.

WhenToManage Booth 6750

Be on the lookout for this guy as you stroll through the halls of the show. We'll be showcasing a lot of new technology and idea for 2013 and beyond. Our CEO, Jeff Schacher, will be there to talk shop, so don't miss a chance to connect!

Would love to hear from you... If you get have an opportunity for some free time, swing on by or email me at

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