Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Who Are We Hearing?

My internal teenager has a tendency to come out when I get frustrated with my computer. He's kind of a smasher. You know, after several reboots or power cycles, he has a theory that hitting the computer will work (now there is some promise to this theory of computer maintenance). As a result, I'm without my favorite MacBook, and stuck with a PC laptop. I've seen, in others, an emergence of what I call "Vicky". She's a woman on the move, and no one will get in her way!

While some people make use of aggression in their personas, or the little voice in our head, I've seen a calming affect that these internal mental personalities can bring too. Whatever the case, we have a strong bias towards these little creatures, but why? Call it talking to yourself, or whatever you like, the point is we all have a voice (little angel or devil on your shoulder) that speaks to us. So who are you really listening too? 

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