Thursday, June 06, 2013

Is Anyone Else Noticing Google's New User Experience?

Google is certainly stepping up their connections to the conversation, or at least that's how I'm interpreting their rush for new design. I'm a sucker for a great user experience, and they wins they have on me are:

  • If your email chat contains more than one person, you can see their Google plus profile pic or symbol embedded in the icon to the left of the email preview. 
  • Google continues to use motion in their gmail experience. Archiving is easy by swiping the content from one side to the other. Undoing this action is just as easy. 
  • Did anyone notice that it seems faster? 
What I like about all of this is Google's commitment to making my work/life easier. What's more they seem to be making a strong push for social here. Let's face it, eliminating chat for hangouts was a brilliant idea! Keep it up Google! 

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