Thursday, June 13, 2013

Long Live Long Rides

There are after work rides - the chill kind, fun, relaxing. And there are AFTER-WORK RIDES - hurting, powerful, stress relievers!!! I had the later kind yesterday... Long rides refresh the soul, like that of ocean waves at night. There is a beyond we cannot see, but contemplation forces us into places of our mind where we wrestle with devils, or sing with angels. Only a long ride (hike too) will do this.

New trail for me - Deer Creek trail in Crested Butte. I left from the Brush Creek parking area and rode the loooong climb up to the junction. Instead of a ride back down through Gothic, I rode back down the ripping single track. This view caught my eye... More to come!
At the top of Deer Creek Trail in Crested Butte
LONG after-work ride! 
Just like skiing, there is something about shredding through Aspen trees! 

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