Thursday, July 18, 2013

This Lonely Planet, Where To Next?

As I've traveled throughout the Colorado, I'm reminded how special this state is... But, after talking with my friend about Oregon, I'm drawn away now... So I'm posting a few pictures to keep me thinking about what I'll be missing, even for a week!
The gorge in Ouray - deep shit!

This butterfly would not get off my glove... Kind of special.

Deep Creek Trail. Telluride, CO

Christian Rock Band Photo! Got to have one

Wasatch Connect Trail. Telluride, CO

Alta Lakes campground

Big Head Todd - solo blues...

Red Rocks - Blues Traveler!

Somewhere near Winterpark CO

My BC! Love that girl...
Hands down, the best MTB pic I've ever taken!

Super artistic shit!

The summer cabin... Notice the jump line!

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