Friday, August 30, 2013

I Figured Out What's Wrong With Me - Living Every Day Like A Vacation

Evening mountain bike rides, or any passion you pursue on your "off time" is what life is all about, right? Going fast through the local Durango trails with the sun at my back is a joy like no other! After, a burger and beers with some good friends can't hurt. Can there be anything more satisfying than a burger (with bacon) and a frosty IPA? And what about a little music and cocktails? Some jazzy tunes with a tumbler of Oban scotch, and some good conversation, yes please! And to finish it off a little chocolate... When I think about it, most my days are like this (well, maybe without the alcohol)... And so I had a deep thought about how I'm living my life and I realized that I have a vacation attitude.

I've gone through a recent relationship change in my life, so maybe I'm realizing how short life is, and how to make the most of each and every day. A lot of people say this, but don't have a theme to their reality. Mine is all about a vacation-attitude - live like you're on vacation. My theory is simple:
  1. Live your life! Don't live it for someone else
  2. If that's what you feel like doing, do it
  3. Make time for the things that matter
  4. Stay passionate! 
  5. Be mindful of sobriety
Always living the charmed life... That's me, and that's my problem, right? 

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