Thursday, September 26, 2013

Could It Be The 27.5 Thing Is Just A Ploy?

Come on... There isn't a bar or bike shop without the conversation thread: they want us to buy new bikes! The conversation usually centers on the conspiratorial theory that... A frightened engineer huddles over a drafting table in a dark room with the suited VP of marketing (or CFO) hovering around anxiously asking for answers to their revenue problem! What emerges is the 27.5 wheel! As for me, I'm staying 26" until I have to buy a 27.5, and hopefully the industry isn't that foolish to lose the 26" wheel altogether (and need I remind you that Steve Smith won the World Cup DH finals on a 26" wheel, but practiced on a 27.5. Something interesting about that - watch below).

From what I gather from people who have ridden a 27.5 (I haven't) the difference isn't all that striking...
  • PinkBike has a good write-up about a test of 29, 27.5 and 26-inch wheels. Their conclusion: biking is all about fun and the 26" wheel delivers. 
  • I like how BikeMag comes out and says it in this article: there is that selling crap to the Euros (awesome). 
I also liked how a lot of testers are coming back saying: blah (about the 27.5). If you've ever owned an "in-between" anything, you know that it just doesn't work that well. But I can't argue with Goldilocks either (the baby bear's oatmeal was just right - I have no idea what the hell porage is anyway). If you've ridden a 27.5, email me at

Is the 27.5 thing just a phase? Is the industry tinkering, as some suggest? I'm all in favor of ideas, but wholly abandoning 26" wheels on all-mountain bikes and committing WAAAAY to much to wheel size propaganda isn't helpful! Remember the 29" craze (I owned two of those stupid bikes). Perhaps the wheel companies are the ones who truly know the matrix!??! Ever thought of that conspiracy theory?

So, in conclusion, this probably has something to do with ObamaCare shutting down the country and the Iranians taking over all the bike company board positions - dammit! But I'm staying true to my 26" wheelset until someone comes along, whome I know can shred complete gnar, and advocates unequivocally and religiously about 27.5 wheels, and then gives me a new carbon all-mountain bike, of course!

RAW: Leogang, Austria World Cup DH Finals - More Mountain Bike Videos

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