Wednesday, September 11, 2013

To All Those Who Lost Loved Ones...

9/11 represents fear, anger, sadness, revenge, the awfulness of humanity, the pursuit of something larger, change, radical thinking, kinetic attack, withering sorrow, conspiracy, terror, the sheer joy of knowing your kin or loved one is alive (believe me, this is something I know well), loss, deep and gut-wrenching loss, America's lost diplomacy and politics, fire, powerful men unable to control a heart full of hate, shame, poison, heroes, pulling together, search, rescue, recovery, the politics of economies, money, spite, gnashing of teeth... And to me it represents waking up in Durango for the first time and being totally scared, over joyed and worried about my sister! I gave a moment of silence today for those who suffered so much on 9/11.

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