Friday, September 20, 2013

You're Not Getting My Eyeballs Mr. Internet! Five Ways To Not Waste Time!

If you're a Facebook fan then you know what wasting time on the internet is all about! There have been times when I'll pull back from a Facebook daze and wonder where did the last five minutes ago. And, by the way, this is a rule for me! No more than five minutes on Facebook (and I'm really not into it that much).

Even wasting five minutes on the internet drives the craziness in me! News aggregation sites like Google News, well they aren't much better! CNN, Fox, Huffington Post they are all trying to keep you interested, so they get more ad revenue. Eyeballs, and eyeballs for a long time help sell advertisers on the value of a site... So, if you find that you are in the time-wasting mood, I think I have some help for you!

Below are a few tips on tasks, on the internet, that don't feel like a total time-suck!
  1. Don't know how to code yet? Try learning HTML or jQuery on CodeCademy. Probably one of my new favorite things to do! 
  2. Still have a lot to do during the day? Well, instead of music, try out a free audio book from Librivox! There are some really good titles in here, a lot of the classics. 
  3. Try blogging! Like me! One of my creative outlets is doing this blog! I actually get to explore cool topics, which does require some research. 
  4. Write an email to your Grand Parents, or someone older than you. Just asking them for advice on life, or about who they really are. I did this yesterday, and it really opened up my eyes.
  5. Plan your next vacation with Trip-it and their free trip planning app. Gives you something to look forward to, eh? 
No more wasted internet time! 

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