Friday, October 18, 2013

Oil Man Video - Great Watch!

My family has been in the oil business my whole life... Those that talk about drill baby drill probably have no idea what that actually means. My Mom used to take me and my sister out to watch the new wells being drilled near Oklahoma City. It was like a Friday night thing to do when we were younger. Having watched an oil derek in full operation, it is a sight to see. The men hustle to put new piping together. The drill reverb has a consistency like that of a kitchen, an operation repeated over and over again with the results hidden from you, a cake in a oven. But it is the people that really struck me. There was one of the chiefs named Kasey, a long-time smoker and runner (go figure) who would always joke around with me and my sister. Then the boss, and owner, John. If ever a man looked like John Wayne, it was him. Strong, quick with humor and dry as a bone.  He hired me to mow fire breaks around pumps after the drilling was completed. Then I got promoted to painting wells (I'm kind of wondering why I didn't stay in the business and learn more about it). Oil folks are great people! And this vimeo video brought it all back to me...

Oil Man from Lucid Inc. on Vimeo.

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