Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Does Creative Intelligence Flourish In More "Emotional" People?

I've recently read (and have pretty much believed) that some of the best ideas, inventions, business concepts, spectacular art works and musical genius comes when people were most influenced by emotional awareness, or instability (not conflict though). In other words, during times of wonder, joy or intense thoughtfulness, creative intelligence is at its peak. Likely, we have an evolutionary trait enforcing this rule - when being chased by tiger develop creative escape, or hot chick/dude in room, develop creative approach. But what if it is the most emotional among us that have this creative spark triggered all the time? Think of it this way, how many artists do you know who are really that sane anyway? Kidding, but not really... There is something to the emotionally senstive soul that carries the burden and blessing of the creative spark. Bless the people who allow the melody of life, love, heart and soul to caress their spirit. As crazy as they are (me included), I hope we exploit this evolutionary by-product and not flounder it.

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