Friday, December 13, 2013

A Beautiful Mind - The Real Story Of John Nash

The movie A Beautiful Mind, with Russell Crowe, depicts the life of mathematician, John Nash. During the time of the Cold War, mathematics was seen as the key to beating the Russians. Nash was considered one of the brilliant minds of that era and was handpicked to explore the depths of math, game theory and differential geometry. But, he went crazy... Diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, Nash was denied his top-secret clearance and was fired from a think-tank where he worked. But what interests me is the life of the brilliant thinkers... 

They have this propensity to live their own life, without fear or sometimes even the realization of "other people" (the latter part being unattractive). They really don't care what people think and have such a powerful sense of their own self, which ends up attracting others to them (which I've been reading about in one of Deepak Chopra's book - self-focused). To me, I admire this trait as I don't always live my life this way. But when you account for all the people dying on their deathbeds, one of the things they say: I wish I had lived my life how I wanted to... That's what intrigues me.

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