Tuesday, December 03, 2013

How I Helped My Favorite Local Charities This Cyber Monday

Forbes called it the most wonderful tax evasion day of the year, but I like to call it the day I support my favorite charities... Some call it the day we "don't support local", but I call it the day I helped my local trail organization. I'm not just saying this for the sake of sounding like a saint, nope! I did my fair share of shopping on Cyber Monday. In fact, most, if not all, of my shopping is done on Cyber Monday, but I like to know that my money is going well-beyond the businesses like Backcountry, Zappos and BestBuy. To that end, I have installed a killer app called SocialTransactions!

The SocialTransactions app is so simple - just a little flower
The app is simple to use, and at its core the solution is just a browser extension that is easily installed in about 10 seconds. SocialTransaction works by looking at the links on the shopping page you've navigated to, directly (like a Google search). If one of those links has a transaction engine behind it (meaning you can buy something) and you make a purchase, SocialTransactions works. Almost invisibly, SocialTransactions takes a small cut from purchase (at no extra cost to you, the shopper) and collects a sales commission, which is sent to a non-profit of your choice (assuming they work with SocialTransactions). Here is a list of all the non-profit organizations they work with - http://www.socialtransactions.com/organizations/

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