Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Second Favorite Google Adwords Feature

For many, including me, I used to think Adwords was a complete mystery... Well, come to think of it, that may be true at times (Google is constantly releasing new beta features). But really, there are sooo many resources out there to help you! For starters, did you know Google has, what they call, the energizer program (or so I've heard them call it that). This is a free service that comes with a certain level of Adwords spending. Call them up and you get amazing advice, tips and tricks! But one feature I love to share/use is the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool (you can learn a lot about it here). Simply put, this features gives you some sense of your keyword performance either during your campaigns or before. But, personally, I like to use it to modify my ads... Here's how I use it.

For starters, head into your Adwords account, click on a campaign, go to a keyword (any) and stop. Look around and what do you see? Failing keywords? Weak campaigns?

You should be seeing something like this...
Now that you've decided on the keyword, hover your mouse over the little box that says "eligible" or maybe "inactive" - whatever the case, the black arrow. Once you do that, you'll see a pop up - red arrow. Once you see this, click on the Ad Preview and Diagnosis link - this is where the magic happens!

They keyword tool gives you insight into each ad and keyword.

Now, you are seeing a preview of what your competitors are doing (right red box) and how your customers used your "potential keyword" (left red box). This gives you so much insight, right...?

With the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tools, you can create more engaging ads based on what your competitors are doing, and always be on the lookout for a more effective messaging.

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